About GCBs

Living the Good Life

Good Class Bungalows, or GCBs as they are also known, are the most prestigious and private housing option in Singapore. There are only around 2,400 GCBs in Singapore, found in 39 gazetted districts. Popular districts are in Cluny Road, Ridley Park, Leedon Park and King Albert Park.

To be classified as a GCB, it has to have a minimum plot area of 1,400 sq m (15,000 sq ft) and have built up no more than 2 storeys. The GCB can also have an attic and a basement. These regulations are in keeping the unique character of the GCB neighbourhoods.

GCBs comes in a variety of sizes, all of which are greater than 1,400 sq m. There are some GCBs sitting on plots far exceeding the minimum plot area. Some owners even consider subdividing their plots to create 2 units however, the subdivided GCBs must still have a minimum 1,400 sq m plot area.

Since 2012 only Singaporeans are allowed to own a Good Class Bungalow. Foreigners looking to live on landed property have the option to purchase an exclusive unit on Sentosa Island.